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Our mission

XR Engine started as a collaboration between web freelancers, tech nerds, and friends. Together we are building virtual worlds for everyone.

An end-to-end solution for hosting humans and AI in a virtual space, built on top of react, three.js and express/feathers. Web client, API server, realtime gamerserver, game engine and ML/AI tools.



An end-to-end framework for the Metaverse, built on popular Javascript frameworks. Scalable multiplayer infrastructure with voice, video, expressive avatars, a visual editor and portals between worlds. Build your own games and social experiences and link them together.


A batteries-included ethereum blockchain for bootstrapping the Metaverse. Everything you need to launch your own blockchain or peer with other worlds and apps, including smart contracts and APIs to handle identity, inventory, currency and trade.

Digital Beings

Your AI, anywhere. An easy way for AI/AGI researchers to connect their code to virtual worlds, with access to voice, video, chat, player information and contextual scene data. Comes with examples for GPT-3, GPT-J, RASA and more.

Universal Volumetric

A free, fast, cross-platform volumetric video codec for everyone. Optimized mesh compression combined with streaming MP4 texture sequences for playback of digital humans and other volumetric data in the web, Unity, Unreal and native platforms.

Unity XR Bridge

Bridging the powerful Unity Game engine with the social spatial web. Add augmented reality, 3D and other game engine features to your existing native or hybrid app.


Gheric Speiginer

Liam Broza

Josh Field

Kyle Baran

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